Massive Christmas Update!

Monday, 20 December 2021

Elyr's Official Christmas Update

The long awaited update is here! With a Christmas theme comes
the new Skilling Boss Mad Alchemist Event, Raids Drop rate Boosters,
Osrs Style Hespori, a Month Long Event where you can win 10m Osrs Every day
With a Mega Prize of 1Bill Osrs at the end of the event, and much more that
you can see in this thread.

Mad Alchemist Skilling Boss

Brief Description:
 The boss is un-targetable by all players and only the Spirit Bear
 is able to harm the boss through the barrier.
 Your Job is to Buff, Protect, and keep the bear alive long enough for
 him to slay the mad alchemist.

Event Mechanics:
 To Wake up the bear the Spirit Fire must be lit.
 Chop the sacred tree to get elder logs to put into the fire pit.
 Once 50 logs have been added anyone can light the flame with a tinderbox.
 The Fire has a timed life span! You must chop dramen trees and add the spirit roots to the
 fire to extend its life.

Bear Mechanics:
Catch Squirrels - Add to spirit fire to increase Bear's Max Hit from 1 to 2.
Catch Butterflies - Add to spirit fire to increase Bear's Attack Speed!
Mine Shielding boulder - Apply the Armor Sheets to the bear to decrease damage taken.
(These will break after several hits so you must re-apply more)
 Catch Fish and Feed to the bear to heal it!

OVERALL the event is straight forward but!! Mad Alchemist has special attacks up her sleeve
 and will be constantly dropping Bombs on your head and trying to stop you from helping the bear.

Unique Drops

New Booster Items
These new server wide boosts are only dropped from the Mad Alchemist Chest.
Add any of the items to the Well of Good Will to apply the boost for 1 hour.

Xeric's Raid Boost - 1 hour of 25% Droprate increase for rares.
Theatre Raid Boost - 1 hour of 25% Droprate increase for Rares/Purple Chest.
Nightmare Boss Boost - 1 hour of 25% Droprate increase.
Hespori Time Cut - Cuts Hespori's Spawn time in half. From 30 Mins -> 15 Mins.
Superior Spawnrate Boost - 1 hour of increased chance to spawn a Superior Slayer Npc.

1% Drop rate Increase(Permanent)
 This item is the rarest drop from the Mad Alchemist event.
 A max of 3 can be applied to your account for a total of 3% drop rate increase.
 This item is tradeable.

Deathmatch (1v1s)

Test your PvP skills in uninterrupted solo battles high in the sky.
With a Grand Finale; last 2 alive being placed in the center of the Arena!
With the whole server able to watch the fight with the ::spectate command

I hand make unique maps myself and am super happy how this floating battlefield turned out!
I also made the home and event maps, so if you ever have any feedback message me on discord!
Discord: Apex

OSRS Hespori Boss

To start the boss, you must plant a Hespori Seed and wait 30 minutes for the boss to spawn.
 The boss is quite easy and is meant as an interesting semi-introduction into bossing, while
 also providing lots of skilling supplies that are useful in all game modes.

How To Obtain Seeds
Seeds can be bought from the requirements shop at home.
Complete All Easy Diaries for 1 Hespori Seed per day
Complete All Hard Diaries for 2 Hespori Seeds per day

The Treasure Room

We've heard your feedback on donations, so we've added a new minigame for it!
 The Treasure Room will come as a free experience on top of donating.

You'll get sent to a room with 10 chests with 1 chest having the jackpot prize.
 (ex. Twisted bow/Scythe)
 You'll only get to choose 1 chest so pick wisely!


 Key Pack and Scroll Bag
 2 New boxes you can obtain by doing calendar events,
the new skilling boss, or by using donator points in-game!

Key Pack

Scroll Bag

 Golden Twisted Bow

This will be the rarest item in-game, it serves as a token to the players who love to open boxes.
 It has same stats and effects as a regular twisted bow, except its golden.
 Obtain this bow by spending 36 Box Coupons in the Coupon chest.

Extra Additions/Fixes
- Cosmetic Katana Added to Slayer Boss Drop Table
- Unblocking Slayer Task Fixed
- Already in combat bug fixed
- High Alching nerfed
- Tob Cash per run nerfed
- Olm Room portal issue where it moves u back first time u enter fixed.
- Wildy Death Timer added to show time remaining before your loot is public
- Nightmare Common Drops Fixed
- Kodai wand now counts water runes without need them
- Sang Healing Effect Buffed to be like osrs
- Zulrah not switching phases fixed

From Elyr Staff Team